The “Meh” Fad

You can’t spell Apathetic without Pathetic… Not that anyone cares.

And I really need ^that^ shirt. Fo reals. Actually I need like six. In different colors.

Frankly, I just enjoy using the word “Frankly.”

And someecards are always a laugh…


Hack Yeah Thursday

Starting a new tradition. Hack Yeah Thursday! I’ll be posting life hacks (those are simple tricks to make life easier), on Thursdays. Here is the first life hack, I had to edit the image because of a bloop on it, but it is from THIS SITE RITE HARE.

It’s About To Get Random

Nine-five-victor-victor-two… Congrats if you know what that quote is from. Without google-ing it. You win my undying respect for 24 consecutive hours. Give or take a few, depending on how many of my buttons you’ve completely and utterly demolished in the recent past.