The Top Ten Things That Ticked Me Off Tonight

1. I did not get to play glow in the dark capture the flag. Which is basically the highlight of the back to school “stay-up-late-and-get-slap-happy” event.

2. My dad called me and left two voicemails like ten minutes apart. (have I mentioned that I HATE voicemails?) The first one was to tell me that he was leaving to come get me, and the second one was to tell me that he was on his way, therefore wasting my precious tracfone minutes to tell me stuff I already assumed was happening. (I did not listen to find out what the voicemails were about until after number 3)

3. After noticing I had two new voicemails, I checked the parking lot, assuming that he had called to inform me that he had arrived. He wasn’t there. I tried calling him back and he did not answer. At this point, the CTF game had started. It was about 11:50. I was to be picked up at midnight. So I decided to just wait as I would have needed to change clothes for CTF anyways.

4. I decide to go outside to wait for him, and sit on a rock. I am then joined by the idiot who broke my heart (I was 14 and naive. He was nice to me. Until he found out I wasn’t allowed to date. He feels important when he has a gf.) and his girlfriend. I expect he’ll be breaking up with her in a week or so. His girlfriends never last long. I can only assume (Since I was there first and he had plenty of other places to go) he was either trying to make me jealous, or just show off in general.

5. My dad showed up 15 minutes late, so I actually could have played CTF some if I’d have known.

6. My guy friend who’s parents are über strict and don’t let him friend girls on Facebook and stuff is moving away and I didn’t get a picture with him.

7. My friend who I asked (several weeks ago) if she’d be willing to do my senior pictures this year asked me, “So, are you a senior this year?” Yeah. Thanks.

8. I had to microwave my pizza and it got mushy.

9. Previously mentioned idiot and girlfriend sat with me and my friends (including the guy with the straight jacket parents) therefore wasting 30 precious minutes of my time with them.

10. My crush was not there. I wasn’t really expecting him to be but I was hoping.

Honorable Mentions:
11. They kept playing a really creepy/weird and utterly pointless music video.
12. I got hit in the back of the head with a volley ball.

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