Ode to Wijan

Just to clarify, I’m not entirely sure what an ode is, but if it’s an entire blog post devoted to wishing my cool friend Wijan a happy 20th birthday, then it is definitely an ode. Yes, he is three years older than me. My best friend is three years younger than me so get over it. I have friends of many ages.
I met Wijan the summer of my freshman year at youth group. He was the drummer in the youth group band which I began singing in sometime in 2009. We didn’t talk much until later, but I do remember the first thing I ever said to him… “Can you hear me now?” That sounds really random, even for me but I promise there’s an explanation. Abby (my cousin-in-law), who was also singing in the band at the time, was trying to talk to Wijan whilst he was in the drum cage with his electronic ear muff things on. That was not going so well so I spoke the previously mentioned phrase.
Sometime in 2010 Wijan started giving me and my brothers music lessons and I found out he has a younger brother. I believe there are about six years between them? So yeah. (Wijan is an awesome guitar/drum teacher, by the way. You should take lessons from him. He’s cool.) I ended up stopping taking lessons after about a year because of starting public school.
To be honest, There were several times I might have quit last year if it weren’t for Wijan and a few others. Usually Wijan was the first one to find out about my crappy days because I was able to text him and vent on the bus ride home. That’s a true friend right there, someone who will let you throw yourself a little pity party and after reading a three page text say, “Well you could always quit” and make you think about why you shouldn’t. When I turned in two drug dealers at school, and was kinda freaked out, the first person I texted was Wijan. The first thing he said was something along the lines of “are you ok? Did they make them leave school? You need to tell your parents.”
So Wijan, when I say “Happy Birthday”, I don’t mean “have a happy birthday.” What I really mean is…

“Have a super awesome and totally blessed birthday!!!

 And thanks for being my friend. 🙂


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