A Moral Dilemma

In my business program at school we’re doing a sales project that involves selling things for sweetest day (which I think is really retarded) and I would have thought this was a fun project except for one thing. We’re giving the profits to the Susan G. Komen foundation. You are most likely thinking “But they help fight breast cancer! What the heck is wrong with that?!?!” Well did you know they also help fund Planned Parenthood? So now I have a really tough choice to make. And keep in mind this is a 300 point project. So on one hand, my class is going to raise some money for Suzie G whether I help or not, but then I think, is there really any difference from that to being in the Nazi army and not refusing to kill Jews because they were just going to get killed anyway? The way I see it, is it’s a matter of principal. Yeah, people will keep throwing money at planned parenthood whether I help or not, but the point is I won’t have helped. So after consulting my parents I’ve decided to request an alternate assignment.

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