It’s time to graduate… Plus a Reflection on 9/11

Ok, this is what… week four of school, and I am catching senior-itis. Got my senior pictures taken last weekend by my friend JP with an awesome camera. And then on top of that, I am dead tired.. Like trying to climb out of my desk seat and tripping over my backpack, my purse, my laptop cord, the desk, and my desk neighbor’s boot, that’s how tired I am right now. And did I tell you my inner hillbilly shows more when I ain’t got ’nuff sleep the night before? I was joking with my friend about how “my county is showing.” A person from my homeschool was talking to us about voting for the school fair king and queen.. I muttered to my friend “I’m sorry… were you under the impression that I gave a crap?” plus they’re bugging us about our senior trip which is to New York (only I kept saying Yew Nork) which cost a grand total of… (wait for it…) Seven. Hundred. American. Dollars. Are. You. Freaking. Kidding. Me. I could almost buy a car with that! And then somebody texted me during class (I have no idea why…) and I almost fell off my chair trying to take my purse off the table so the vibrating wouldn’t be so loud. So yeah. And it’s 9/11, so we watched a video in first period and I cried. It was really neat hearing what things other kids remembered about that day. One of my friends said he was at Big Lots (I think it was big lots) with his mom and they had all the TVs turned to the news so that the footage was playing and he thought it was a movie. Several kids remembered the sonic boom of jets breaking the sound barrier. I remember my first grade teacher turned out the lights and turned on the TV and told us to sit down and shut up (probably kinder than that but it was something to that effect). So…

God bless our nation’s heroes. Firefighters, EMTs, and our Armed Forces, thank you. 


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