Hacks For the Student

As I continue into my senior year, I’m really starting to catch senioritis. The schools are really starting to push the college stuff too, so here are some tips for highschoolers and college students {maybe their parents will find it useful too?}. Enjoy!


Practice public speaking. The vast majority of future careers, not to mention your courses in college, will ask you to speak in front of others. If you struggle with it, practice it while you can so it won’t be as terrifying when it really matters.

Yeah I definitely need to work on this one…

See the whole article HERE.


Talking right to professors/teachers. 

Call them by the right title. A “Doctor” is someone with a PhD; not all professors have a PhD. “Professor” is usually appropriate, unless you’ve been told otherwise. I prefer to be called by my first name, and I make that point clearly on the first day of class; if your professor hasn’t said anything about this, you’re better off not using their first name. If you’re totally unsure, a “Mr.” or “Ms.” Is usually fine. Do not use “Mrs.” unless the professor herself uses it; after 30 years of women making this point, it’s time to recognize that not all adult women are or want to be married.

Be prepared to do the work. If you’ve missed an assignment or a test or are falling behind in your reading, and you are seeking help to get caught up or a special dispensation to make up the assignment, you’d better be prepared to do the work — and generally under more difficult. I get the impression that a lot of students imagine I might just say “don’t worry about it, I’ll give you the points anyway” which, of course, is not going to happen.

Yeah, I do a lot of makeup work with all my health issues. Make sure you make it worth their time to print off another copy of that class assignment or help you with those trig problems. It takes effort on their part to get you caught up.

See the whole article HERE.


And because teachers are so big on note taking, y’all need to read this article.

And I feel like I shouldn’t even have to mention this, but text speak is NOT appropriate for school assignments!


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