Hacks for the Free Spirit Fashionista


You’ll need:

Hole-y Jeans/Capris/Shorts
Scraps of lace big enough to cover the holes
Fabric Glue (machine washable and dry-able is nice)

What to do:

  1. Turn your jeans inside-out and flatten them as much as possible. {If you’re really picky, you could iron them, I’d just wing it.}
  2. Pick a hole to start with. {Any hole. Really, it doesn’t matter.}
  3. Outline the hole in glue. {Use plenty, but not so much that it seems through to the “right side” of your jeans.}
  4. Place your piece of lace over the hole and press down firmly. {Make sure it gets good and glue-y. And chillax, it’ll wash off your fingers soon eventually.}
  5. Let dry completely and then repeat with other holes you want covered. {You could probably do the rest of the holes while the first is drying as long as they’re all on the same side.}
  6. Now rock them there jeans girl! {In case you haven’t noticed, the comments in brackets are quite irrelevant and sarcastic. I would just ignore them if I were you.}

{Cannot wait to try this!!}

Tutorial was copied from HERE.


What you need:

Matching thread + a needle or sewing machine
Sharp scissors for cutting fabric
Sewing pins
Ribbon, yarn, etc. (Optional)

What to do:

1.  Cut your shirt up like so:

2. Then just pin and sew like so:

3. Finally, just thread your drawstring/ribbon/whatever through the top of your shirt and you’re done!

All credit for this tutorial and the photography belongs to THIS BLOG.


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