Pintrest Pet Peeves

Okay. Here goes.

  • I’m annoyed with all the girls with allergies to clothing that get plastered all over Pintrest. And they’re in random categories so it’s not like I can just “unsubscribe” from that one board. Seriously. I could get in trouble if the wrong picture popped up at the wrong time at school. 
  • And then there are the highschool chicks that pretty much all they post is abs. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a guy having abs. But seriously. He’s like 30, famous, and married. Really? Yes he most likely agreed to having those pictures taken, but there are gazillions of them on pintrest. I don’t need to see your five or six repins with captions like “omgggggg! hes sooo hawt.” Which leads me to my next peeve…
  • Extra letters/text speak/misspelled words. It drives me bonkers. Seriously, you’re a Sophomore in high school. Shouldn’t you know the difference between “your” and “you’re?” Did you completely skip all of elementary school? I can totally understand slipping up on grammar once in a while, but EVERY. SINGLE. POST. It makes me want to quit the internet (well, not quite). I also dislike it when the entire post is in caps. 
  • People who post multiples of one item. I do this too sometimes, but only when it goes on more than one board. I don’t see the reason for posting duplicates in the same board.
  • Pintrest is so stinking addicting! I’m offline for two days and I feel like I was in a coma for six years. (Okay that one was more just the internet in general.)
  • And also, it makes me REALLY angry when people post tutorials and they don’t work. Drives me crazy. I should start a list of crappy tutorials that don’t work…
  • And did I mention it’s addicting?

What are your pet peeves, Pintrest or otherwise?




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