Four AM Ramble

I was extremely tired yesterday (think: going back and forth between hyper and sleepy all day) so I decided to be responsible and go to bed early. Well that didn’t quite happen, but I fell asleep faster than the night before and every night this weekend. Anyways, it was a wonderful sleep. Until I woke up at frickin four in the morning. So after tossing and turning and mind-not-shutting-upping, I decided I might as well get my shower over with. So I took my shower, hoping it might settle my mind. Hahahaha… Riiiiiight. Anyways. Been having difficulties.. Uh.. tolerating my parents and siblings lately. It is not fun. I think I’m going crazy. The 17 year itch maybe? But I have a plan. Planning means you’re still sane right? Maybe? No. Well this plan will {hopefully} preserve whatever sanity I have left. I’m going to move to my grandpa’s house after the graduation festivities. Two and a half blessed hours away. There are more job opportunities over by his house, and the community college I have a scholarship for has several degrees that you can earn completely online. And did I mention I am getting a tattoo when I turn 18? Oh yes. I’m sure it won’t be as soon as I turn 18 as I’m going to do my research and save up some cash. But let me tell you, the design is simple and personal. It’ll be small and go just under my collar bone which will enable me to cover it up for work if needed. Alright. I’m done ranting. Hopefully I can get done more sleep before I have to wake up. And hopefully my hair dries quickly. Goodnight (morning?)!

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