Game Plan

So previously, (like several months ago) I stated a plan. Well that has changed a considerable amount. Like, it’s not even the same basic plan anymore. I am now planning on finding a place to rent in New Maddy, and getting a few part time jobs. Hopefully at the library and the lumber company. Possibly at one of the two bars/grills in town if needed. Holding off on the tattoo for a while since purchasing a firearm will be much more useful in the long run than ink will be. Anyhoo, by living in New Maddy, I’ll be able to walk pretty much everywhere, (grocery store, bank, work, etc.) so I’ll be saving a lot of gas money. I’m hoping to move out shortly after my 18th birthday. I just need to get hired and find an affordable place to live.


I beg your forgiveness…

I know, I have’t posted in ages.
I am a horrible person.
I fail at life.
But I’ve been a little… Occupied, you could say.

First: I may or may not have had a boyfriend for a few months.

Second: Said boyfriend may or may not have gotten a girl pregnant before he met me.

Third: A relative may or may not have been extremely suicidal and only told me.

Fourth: I may or may not be on “probation” for piercing my ear with a safety pin.

Fifth: My parents may or may not be pissed off because I got two C’s last quarter because I was going through so much crap.

Sixth: I may or may not be in a relationship with a Navy sailor who I only met once two years ago.

Seventh: I may or may not have an afternoon school because of the sub we had.

So, yeah. That’s been my life for the past few months. I will try to post more frequently from now on.