So I broke up with Scott.

Because I couldn’t/can’t stop thinking about Pat.

And then I found out that Pat still has feelings for me.

My sister was in the hospital for dehydration.

I’ve been fighting sickness.

I’m kinda sorta maybe getting back with Pat?

I’m really confused by him.

I almost had an F in school.

I got a job at a greenhouse.

I have a new cousin.

That’s been my life lately.

Oh and my parents are pissed off at me a lot but that’s not really new.


I don’t know what to title this

So, as this will be the first V-Day where I actually have a Valentine, I feel a need to commemorate it in some way. Hence, this post. The lucky winner (LOL) is my Navy friend (I guess now it’s BOYfriend), Scott. He is just the sweetest person ever. We’ve only been a “couple” for… actually, one week today! And I know it sounds sappy and probably more than a little crazy/stupid, but I’ve never been happier. I’m sad that I’m not going to get to see him for seven months and that he’s being deployed next month. And again, may sound kinda crazy, but I’m waiting for him. Someone told me that since I’m not going to see him for the next seven months that I can to what ever the heck I want. Well, maybe you’d feel alright doing that, but some of us (meaning me) value relationships more than that. The whole “define the relationship” thing really, really bothers me. Like, so you don’t specifically say that they can’t mess around with someone else so that means they can? I don’t get it. Yes, you should set boundaries and make sure you have the same values and crap, but I feel like if you have to “define the relationship” it’s not really a relationship. So that ends my little rant. I am PROUD to be Scott’s girl. I’m not going to “do what ever the heck I want.” That’s not how love works. Okay. I’m really done this time.

Now to the fun part!

So I’m kinda mailing him something for V-Day.


A dozen Duck Tape roses! 🙂  (Micaela sold separately)

And I drew him a picture….


… That I drew during school. It took me forever to draw the hands just right.

Oh, and I found out that one of his closest friends goes to school with me and was in my class in second grade. Small world, eh?

And these are just some cute pictures I found on the internets. ❤

Game Plan

So previously, (like several months ago) I stated a plan. Well that has changed a considerable amount. Like, it’s not even the same basic plan anymore. I am now planning on finding a place to rent in New Maddy, and getting a few part time jobs. Hopefully at the library and the lumber company. Possibly at one of the two bars/grills in town if needed. Holding off on the tattoo for a while since purchasing a firearm will be much more useful in the long run than ink will be. Anyhoo, by living in New Maddy, I’ll be able to walk pretty much everywhere, (grocery store, bank, work, etc.) so I’ll be saving a lot of gas money. I’m hoping to move out shortly after my 18th birthday. I just need to get hired and find an affordable place to live.

I beg your forgiveness…

I know, I have’t posted in ages.
I am a horrible person.
I fail at life.
But I’ve been a little… Occupied, you could say.

First: I may or may not have had a boyfriend for a few months.

Second: Said boyfriend may or may not have gotten a girl pregnant before he met me.

Third: A relative may or may not have been extremely suicidal and only told me.

Fourth: I may or may not be on “probation” for piercing my ear with a safety pin.

Fifth: My parents may or may not be pissed off because I got two C’s last quarter because I was going through so much crap.

Sixth: I may or may not be in a relationship with a Navy sailor who I only met once two years ago.

Seventh: I may or may not have an afternoon school because of the sub we had.

So, yeah. That’s been my life for the past few months. I will try to post more frequently from now on.


“Come to your appointment 20 minutes early so that you can wait for 2 hours instead of just 1 hr 40 minutes! Thanks!”
Thank God for wi-fi.

Just out of curiosity (I’ve noticed that quite a few of my conversations begin like this…) what is a “leaving dress” and where does one buy one? I mean, obviously it’s a dress, but why can’t one have leaving jeans? Or a leaving hat? Shoes?  Is there a specific reason or is it an abstract form of tradition founded in sexism? What color is a leaving dress? What length? Is there even an actual literal leaving dress or is it figuratively speaking? Music just ain’t what it used to be.

“Sir, you need to be less sexist in your choice of song lyrics and make less references to having sex with hot girls who don’t wear enough clothing.”

This is a picture of a confused dog to give you an idea of the expression I would probably receive should I repeat the previous quote to Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, or any of the other yayhoos that think they write good music. (Lookin at you, secular rappers whose names I doth not know.)

In retrospect (what a cool word…) that was probably the world’s longest caption. If it’s not, a sizable contribution to yours truly will likely soothe my injured feelings.

Moral of the story: Suddenly, POTATOES.

And also, don’t get a leaving dress.

There is so much awesomeness contained in this photo.


First off, for those of you in the path of Frankenstorm, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Please be smart and stay safe! ❤

And now to continue with my post…

I would like to thank my cousin-in-law Tony from http://www.tony-mackenzie.com/ for making me laugh. Out loud. (Really, I almost died.) Now allow me to explain a bit as to how he is my cousin-in-law. He is my cousin’s cousin. No blood relation. Ironically (not really, but it’s a cool word and instantly makes things a bit more dramatic) he is dating one of my closer friends. They are both very weird people and I’m sure they’ll get along fabulously. I’m kidding, they’re cool people. Anyhoo, if you’re depressed, or my blog is boring, or all of the above, go read his. He has a much more interesting life. And a job. (That really had no bearing whatsoever on the coolness factor of his blog but I listed it anyways.)

By the way…

Angry Star Wars Bird Characters

Disclaimer: The above image has nothing to do with the rest of the post. Thank you.

Oh Joy.

Please excuse my mess, I seem to have misplaced my mind. My apologies for failing in my God-given duties to provide life hacks the past few Thursdays. It’s been crazy. One of my friends who is just the sweetest, most optimistic girl I’ve ever met, had a seizure at school this week. It’s also the end if the first quarter which means everything we’ve ever mentioned in class is dumped into a cauldron of progress book and blackboard and then boiled at a high temperature for an entire week, producing a grade which your parents will undoubtably tell you should be better. And also, on a completely unrelated note, typing on your laptop keyboard does not typically produce the desired results on your desktop computer. Attempting to use the mouse plugged into the desktop on your laptop does nog usually work either.

Country Girl – Fall/Autumn

Country Girl - Fall/Autumn