Hacks For the Icky Sickies

As I’m home sick today, this seemed an appropriate topic.


Take a Day Off

For many people who have major projects on the horizon, this is not going to be a your first option. That being said, you may be so sick that you really don’t have much of a choice.

As a migraine sufferer, I’ve learned that I can’t be my usual workaholic self when I’ve got my head in a toilet. If you are sick, really, truly, terribly sick, you need to take it easy. Not only will you be back to your normal self much sooner, but you will also prevent yourself from making stupid mistakes at work or while communicating with co-workers.

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Take a Hot Shower

Taking a hot shower when you’re feeling sick is an instant pick-me-up. Similar to a humidifier, a hot shower produces steam that can help relieve cold or respiratory symptoms.

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Get Better Sleep

As a neuroscience major at Princeton, Tim Feriss researched sleep deprivation and has experimented with sleep optimization for increased performance for the last ten years. Feriss recommends consuming 150-250 calories of low-glycemic foods, like yogurt or an apple, before bedtime. This bedtime snack can combat morning fatigue and headaches from low blood sugar through the night. Adding 1-2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil to the bedtime snack can also help decrease fatigue and increase cel repair.

Feriss also tested the effects of a 10-minute ice bath an hour before bedtime in combination with a low dose of melatonin. He says the effect is like being hit with an elephant tranquilizer and may not be pleasant.

His research also found a set eating schedule can help regulate melatonin, ghrelin, leptin, and other hormones that affect sleep cycles.

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Hack Yeah Thursday

Starting a new tradition. Hack Yeah Thursday! I’ll be posting life hacks (those are simple tricks to make life easier), on Thursdays. Here is the first life hack, I had to edit the image because of a bloop on it, but it is from THIS SITE RITE HARE.