Four AM Ramble

I was extremely tired yesterday (think: going back and forth between hyper and sleepy all day) so I decided to be responsible and go to bed early. Well that didn’t quite happen, but I fell asleep faster than the night before and every night this weekend. Anyways, it was a wonderful sleep. Until I woke up at frickin four in the morning. So after tossing and turning and mind-not-shutting-upping, I decided I might as well get my shower over with. So I took my shower, hoping it might settle my mind. Hahahaha… Riiiiiight. Anyways. Been having difficulties.. Uh.. tolerating my parents and siblings lately. It is not fun. I think I’m going crazy. The 17 year itch maybe? But I have a plan. Planning means you’re still sane right? Maybe? No. Well this plan will {hopefully} preserve whatever sanity I have left. I’m going to move to my grandpa’s house after the graduation festivities. Two and a half blessed hours away. There are more job opportunities over by his house, and the community college I have a scholarship for has several degrees that you can earn completely online. And did I mention I am getting a tattoo when I turn 18? Oh yes. I’m sure it won’t be as soon as I turn 18 as I’m going to do my research and save up some cash. But let me tell you, the design is simple and personal. It’ll be small and go just under my collar bone which will enable me to cover it up for work if needed. Alright. I’m done ranting. Hopefully I can get done more sleep before I have to wake up. And hopefully my hair dries quickly. Goodnight (morning?)!


Pintrest Pet Peeves

Okay. Here goes.

  • I’m annoyed with all the girls with allergies to clothing that get plastered all over Pintrest. And they’re in random categories so it’s not like I can just “unsubscribe” from that one board. Seriously. I could get in trouble if the wrong picture popped up at the wrong time at school. 
  • And then there are the highschool chicks that pretty much all they post is abs. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a guy having abs. But seriously. He’s like 30, famous, and married. Really? Yes he most likely agreed to having those pictures taken, but there are gazillions of them on pintrest. I don’t need to see your five or six repins with captions like “omgggggg! hes sooo hawt.” Which leads me to my next peeve…
  • Extra letters/text speak/misspelled words. It drives me bonkers. Seriously, you’re a Sophomore in high school. Shouldn’t you know the difference between “your” and “you’re?” Did you completely skip all of elementary school? I can totally understand slipping up on grammar once in a while, but EVERY. SINGLE. POST. It makes me want to quit the internet (well, not quite). I also dislike it when the entire post is in caps. 
  • People who post multiples of one item. I do this too sometimes, but only when it goes on more than one board. I don’t see the reason for posting duplicates in the same board.
  • Pintrest is so stinking addicting! I’m offline for two days and I feel like I was in a coma for six years. (Okay that one was more just the internet in general.)
  • And also, it makes me REALLY angry when people post tutorials and they don’t work. Drives me crazy. I should start a list of crappy tutorials that don’t work…
  • And did I mention it’s addicting?

What are your pet peeves, Pintrest or otherwise?




Stop and Think

So, my government teacher is really biased. Now this is not an exact quote, but its pretty darn close. “If you want everybody in America to be able to own an automatic rifle, vote republican. If you want government to do a better job of regulating guns, vote democrat.” That’s what he said! Biased much?!?

Stop and Think

I have got to do something with my hair.

I wish my hair looked “cute messy” instead of freaking “something-exploded-in-my-hair messy.”

I need to fill my duck tape orders this weekend.

I’m starting to look forward to school a tiny bit. I’m pretty sure I’m going crazy or something.

Prayers for the Browns and the Mortensens.

My room really needs cleaned. And I really don’t feel like cleaning it.

Senior Year Swag

Senior year has been so awesome so far! Don’t get me wrong, I still dislike school, but this is definitely the one I dislike the least. I feel like I’m really making friends and “being a teenager.” Obviously I had friends already, but I am referring to making new ones. (Don’t worry, Em. You’re still my bestest friend.) My Business Ownership class has gotten really close this year. I’m really considering going to Homecoming and/or Prom this year since I’m not “that new girl” so much anymore. I am so blessed to have such good friends (even the ones who are “bad influences”) and I hope we keep in touch after high school. I am so ready to be done with school, but on the flip side, I’m not at all ready to “grow up.” Maybe it’s because I feel like I had to be all grown up when I was younger, or a lot of my close friends are younger, but graduation is going to come super fast. I just hope I can keep up! 🙂


Hacks for the Free Spirit Fashionista


You’ll need:

Hole-y Jeans/Capris/Shorts
Scraps of lace big enough to cover the holes
Fabric Glue (machine washable and dry-able is nice)

What to do:

  1. Turn your jeans inside-out and flatten them as much as possible. {If you’re really picky, you could iron them, I’d just wing it.}
  2. Pick a hole to start with. {Any hole. Really, it doesn’t matter.}
  3. Outline the hole in glue. {Use plenty, but not so much that it seems through to the “right side” of your jeans.}
  4. Place your piece of lace over the hole and press down firmly. {Make sure it gets good and glue-y. And chillax, it’ll wash off your fingers soon eventually.}
  5. Let dry completely and then repeat with other holes you want covered. {You could probably do the rest of the holes while the first is drying as long as they’re all on the same side.}
  6. Now rock them there jeans girl! {In case you haven’t noticed, the comments in brackets are quite irrelevant and sarcastic. I would just ignore them if I were you.}

{Cannot wait to try this!!}

Tutorial was copied from HERE.


What you need:

Matching thread + a needle or sewing machine
Sharp scissors for cutting fabric
Sewing pins
Ribbon, yarn, etc. (Optional)

What to do:

1.  Cut your shirt up like so:

2. Then just pin and sew like so:

3. Finally, just thread your drawstring/ribbon/whatever through the top of your shirt and you’re done!

All credit for this tutorial and the photography belongs to THIS BLOG.

Stop and Think

Head lice. Why does just thinking about that make my head itch?

At what age is it weird to have never “been kissed?”

Duck Tape is on sale at Menard’s.

I feel like I need more clothes.

My first period class is torture. Pure torture.

I also feel like I need more chocolate.

I need to get ready for school tomorrow.

This. Ticks. Me. Off.

Seriously. Who goes around publishing photos of Princess Kate sunbathing? Scratch that. What kind of pervert goes around buying the magazines that publish the pictures?? Is there no decency left in the world? Seriously. Have a little respect for the woman. And to the photographer? How would you feel if that was your wife or sister? How about your daughter? I think we should boycott the magazines and websites that published the pictures.

And what about the “video that offended the Muslims in Libya and forced them to kill people” deal? Seriously people. It’s time to see things for what they are. And by a show of hands, how many of you actually saw the film before the drive-by media started carrying on about hateful and inflammatory speech? So think back to school, if you called your classmate a name, and they decided to punch you in the face, who would have gotten in trouble? And what makes me angriest, is that our government is apologizing to them! They’re the ones who killed our people! An ambassador and two extremely brave Navy Seals (rest in peace) were killed and we’re supposed to apologize?!?! Alright. I think I’m done ranting now.

Introducing Stop and Think

Starting a new thing – Stop and Think.

I’m going to try to do this every day, but that’s unlikely to happen so I’ll shoot for twice a week.

Basically I’ll post several sentences/questions, what’s on my mind, things that bother me, what’s going on right now, things I hear, etc.

So here goes:

I woke up this morning to the sun coming through my window.

My mom called me down for bacon, and to take my vitamins.

I really should be working on my homework (mainly my 2 page report) due Monday.

And I’ve eaten way too much stale chocolate today.

It is really windy outside, I can see the trees in the woods waving violently.

I woke up with a pen mark on my foot. I guess I failed to un-click my pen last night.

Is it really that wrong to date someone who isn’t a Christian?

How can I explain something I don’t understand to someone?

Hacks For the Student

As I continue into my senior year, I’m really starting to catch senioritis. The schools are really starting to push the college stuff too, so here are some tips for highschoolers and college students {maybe their parents will find it useful too?}. Enjoy!


Practice public speaking. The vast majority of future careers, not to mention your courses in college, will ask you to speak in front of others. If you struggle with it, practice it while you can so it won’t be as terrifying when it really matters.

Yeah I definitely need to work on this one…

See the whole article HERE.


Talking right to professors/teachers. 

Call them by the right title. A “Doctor” is someone with a PhD; not all professors have a PhD. “Professor” is usually appropriate, unless you’ve been told otherwise. I prefer to be called by my first name, and I make that point clearly on the first day of class; if your professor hasn’t said anything about this, you’re better off not using their first name. If you’re totally unsure, a “Mr.” or “Ms.” Is usually fine. Do not use “Mrs.” unless the professor herself uses it; after 30 years of women making this point, it’s time to recognize that not all adult women are or want to be married.

Be prepared to do the work. If you’ve missed an assignment or a test or are falling behind in your reading, and you are seeking help to get caught up or a special dispensation to make up the assignment, you’d better be prepared to do the work — and generally under more difficult. I get the impression that a lot of students imagine I might just say “don’t worry about it, I’ll give you the points anyway” which, of course, is not going to happen.

Yeah, I do a lot of makeup work with all my health issues. Make sure you make it worth their time to print off another copy of that class assignment or help you with those trig problems. It takes effort on their part to get you caught up.

See the whole article HERE.


And because teachers are so big on note taking, y’all need to read this article.

And I feel like I shouldn’t even have to mention this, but text speak is NOT appropriate for school assignments!