First off, for those of you in the path of Frankenstorm, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Please be smart and stay safe! ❤

And now to continue with my post…

I would like to thank my cousin-in-law Tony from for making me laugh. Out loud. (Really, I almost died.) Now allow me to explain a bit as to how he is my cousin-in-law. He is my cousin’s cousin. No blood relation. Ironically (not really, but it’s a cool word and instantly makes things a bit more dramatic) he is dating one of my closer friends. They are both very weird people and I’m sure they’ll get along fabulously. I’m kidding, they’re cool people. Anyhoo, if you’re depressed, or my blog is boring, or all of the above, go read his. He has a much more interesting life. And a job. (That really had no bearing whatsoever on the coolness factor of his blog but I listed it anyways.)

By the way…

Angry Star Wars Bird Characters

Disclaimer: The above image has nothing to do with the rest of the post. Thank you.